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Welcome to JDESmart, the most adanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consulting firm available at the most competitive prices.....


Dedicated to providing honest and complete solutions to Oracle customers in the quick changing landscape of today's business.

Based upon years of providing solid success to customers in the JDEdwards and OneWorld platforms. We specialize in providing solutions and evalutions based upon solid metrics, which outline the company's usage of the Oracle package.

Manufacturing companies facing major fluctuations in commodity fluctuations, now find themselves in a postion where they cannot effectively manage pricing nor Raw Material scheduling. Today's new release of JDEdwards A9.1 and OneWorld 8.12 bring the "best of breed" solutions to address these issues. By extending usage of critical modules( (usually already licensced), and integrating them into the companies workflow; management would have the critical information to make accurate decisions and compete effectively.